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I Broke into the Dorms and Rubbed 3 Chicks’ Feet – WHEATON, ILLINOIS – Fall is here and for most college students in America mid-term exams are right around the corner.  They’ll be lots of studying, cramming, and cheating going on over the next few weeks, but there will also be parties, parties, and yes, more parties. Of course when college kids party, they do silly things to let off steam.  The badminton team at Slippery Rock University likes to run around naked and drop acid in everyone’s drinks at the after party.  The Delta Sigs often go to the badminton team’s party, wreck the place, then bring back off the dosed out girls for some real fraternity fun.  But this Weirdo from a junior college in bumfuck Wisconsin likes to break and enter, then touch himself in front of chicks.

A Wisconsin community college student was cuffed and stuffed by campus cops  for breaking into the unlocked dorm of three women and rubbing their legs while he rubbed his genitalia.  According to testimony given to the park nacs when the women, who were all sleeping in one bed, awoke to the man touching them and himself, then after a few moments fled the scene.   Some 20 minutes later he was found hiding in the faculty lounge eating bags and bags of lunches that were left behind in the fridge. (

Apparently this isn’t the perverts first time breaking and entering.  In the past several weeks different women at the dorm where the suspect lived reported to police that they were awakened by a man dressed in all black rubbing their legs and playing with himself.  Cameras were installed on each girl’s floor but police suspected it was an inside job and that the foot rubber most likely lived there.  If you’re a perv for real, there isn’t a better place to quietly enter a gir’s dormroom to get the jollies off while rubbing some feet. The tuition is paid in full, the meal plan and dorm are too, so why not get the most out of college with some hands-on experience?


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