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I May have Gone to the Wrong House but I Still Busted a Perp – ELIZABETHTON, TENNESSEE Have you ever noticed how often law enforcement officers totaly bungle easy tasks on the job?  In case you’re a clueless American who’s in a state of total denial, yes, it does happen, all of of the time, whether or not you want to believe it.  Sure, as participants in what we’d like to believe is the greatest democracy on the planet, we do give up some freedoms by giving power to constabulary police forces, but geezus they screw up everyday.  The most notable case is when the L.A. P.D. dropped on the ball on O.J. and planted evidence that backfired in their sad faces, and now the Juice is behind bars in Vegas for some petty shit 15 years after the fact.  Then there was that time (just recently) when an entire sheriff’s department in North Carolina was involved in a prostitution ring but the idiot who was told to “destroy evidence” ended up leaving that evidence under a seat in church where all hell ended up breaking loose.  Let’s not forget the braniac cop who went to the wrong house on a totally different street and ended up busting the wrong guy for a totally different crime.

A Barney Fife wannabe deputy sheriff who delivered a warrant to the wrong house on the wrong street came back with a crook perfectly in tow, and no chase was involved.  Last Friday a Tennessee deputy sheriff responded to a call at a house where a woman was beating a man half to death with a shoe, but he mistakenly arrived at a house that was two blocks away from where the real ass whipping was occuring.  Surprised by the knock at the door, the man inside opened it up, invited the cop in, then he put his hands behind his back for handcuffing and said he was ready to go to jail.  Apparently he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest on charges of possession of a large amount of marijuana and several water bongs. (

Yes, he was that stoned and that dumb to invite a cop inside witout a warrant.  Rule number 1.  Never, ever invite a policeman into your house if your a pothead, unless you aren’t holding, or he has a warrant.  Rule number 2.  Always see rule number one.  In court earlier today stonerboy was sentenced to 40 days  on a jail house chain gang and fined $1500 for being stupid, on top of imposing fines already due.   He was found guilty of contempt of court, violating probation,  failing to pay past due fines and in order to throw out the pot and paraphernalia charge he was ordered to complete an IQ boosting program from an earlier incident where he called the cops on himself.  Oddly enough the woman who was beating a man to death with a shoe got winded after a while and just sat down to wait for the police.  After waiting an hour for a no-show she and the guy made up and are now in a serious relationship.


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