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5 Facts about Weed in the News You Won’t Read – CORPORATE AMERICA – Unless you’ve been a victim of an alien abduction that’s taken you through a time warp for the last 70 odd years, you probably know that marijuana has been illegal in the US since the passing of the Marihuana Tax Stamp Act in 1937.  Yes you mysteries of history buffs.  It was legal at one time, but some politician with an “anti-attitude” decided to tax the hell out of it to the point where it was illegal to even think about smoking it.  But, this is just another example of how the government goes to great lengths to kill a good buzz.  First it was licquor during the days of prohibition, then prostitution and unorganized gambling everywhere but Vegas.  Yet, why is there is so much mystery on why this stuff is a no-no?  It’s cheap to produce, durable as all hell, a thousand organic products can be made from it, and if legal could produce a gazillion on taxes.  Can’t answer that question?  Here are 5 amazing facts about weed that the jackals of corporate media refuse to print.

1. Marijuana Use Is Not Associated With a Rise in Incidences of Schizophrenia.  No, you’re not losing your mind.  It’s just really good weed.

2. Marijuana Smoke Doesn’t Damage the Lungs Like Tobacco. Other than some wicked giggles and an incurable case of the munchies, it’s pretty much harmless, though you won’t be using that gym membership much.

3. Cannabis Use Potentially Protects, Rather Than Harms, the Brain.  Who’s going to miss a few million brain cells anyway?  If you’re wasted, so is the day.

4. Marijuana Is a Terminus, Not a ‘Gateway,’ to Hard Drug Use. Ever hear of a hippie knocking over a licquor store to buy a bag of pot?

5. Government’s Anti-Pot Ads Encourage, Rather Than Discourage, Marijuana Use.  Sure they do… and so does don’t drink and drive, don’t drink underage, and don’t rawdog a stranger you meet in a bar, or in other words wrap it before you slap it junior (’t_want_you_to_know_about_cannabis?page=1)

Needless to say, none of the braniacs in the mainstream media want the world to know the truth about weed, or at least the corpses with a press pass don’t.  Swine such as this have turned the good old 5 objecitve Ws of journalism, who, what where, when, why, into short phrases like how much, where, and what else can I give opinion on?  The fact of the matter is that more than 100 million people in American have smoked pot, and at least 50 million of them do it every day. The real problem lies with booze which when compared to grass is the reall killer.   Bart Simpson, Rasta Dude, says it best….. Why drink and drive when you can get high and fly?  You decide.




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