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Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaks in front of pictures of the late 11:59 pm

Ahmadinejad: Iran is not Making a Nuclear Bomb and the Holocaust Never Happened! – TEHRAN, IRAN – Man, it sure is a laughing shame when a world leader is in denial of his own stupidity.  Whether it be a matter of history, politics, war or a shitty economy, presidents and dictators alike just don’t like to admit they’re wrong. It’s almost as if one of the qualities of being supreme leader is the power to totally deny the obvious.  Take for instance that time Hugo Chavez bashed little Georgie Bush in a speech at the UN.  He said W was the devil, and that noted linguist and all around Marxist Noam Chomsky is dead:  Wrong.  W.  isn’t smart enough to run hell, and though a Commie at heart, Chomsky isn’t dead yet, though his career might be.  What about when that Russian television reporter who said Vlad Putin was a hitman, then pretty much got whacked a day later, or when the late spy extraordinaire Victor Litivinko also claimed Putin was a KGB killer, then he died from plutonium poisoning?  Of course Bad Vlad denied it.  Same goes for that maniac Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, only Iran is making nukes, and the Holocaust is real.

Earlier today the plastic president of Iran boasted that he is proud to piss the world off with with his latest remarks denying the Holocaust on the way to a showdown at the UN later in the week, but only because he is buckling under greater pressure to shut down his secret nuclear program.    The whole freaking world knows Iran is building a nuclear weapon, but Ahmadinejad and the rest of the Clarics in control say nuclear power is for generating power only, not for making bombs to be aimed at Israel.  Though he’s been kicked in the junk by recent public protests and cries of a fixed election, which he fixed and won, he appears intent on showing he has not been weakened and still has the power to have someone executed publicly, or to overthrow the local cable company so he can watch Emiril Legasse on HLC.   All he has to do is snap his fingers and Bam! It’s over.

Ahmadinejad is not stranger to stupidity at the public pulpit. Aside from today’s idiotic remarks, last week, during a speech on Iranian tv’s only goverment owned channel, he questioned whether the Holocaust actually happened and referred to it as a “pretext used by those dirty bastard Jews to trick the West into backing the rest of the Jews.”   He said the “Jewish state was created out of a lie and a mythical claim, but in no way similar to the way the Iranian government was formed by a lie and a mythical claim.”  (

Oh no, this isn’t the fist time that maniac Ahmadinejad shout his mouth off about Western power mongers. In 2007, during a speech at Columbia University, he sat through an ass chewing by Columbia’s president who called him an “ignoramus with no real power.”  He was also heckled at the same event for defending Holocaust revisionists and claiming there are no homosexuals in Iran, even though there is a good change he might be gay himself.  The fact of the matter is that Mahmoud is a glass dictator and he has no real control of anything in Iraq other than the board of elections and cable tv and yeah, he just might be able to call on the Revolutionary guard to bust a few caps or to casually hang a few people in the palace parking lot, but that’s about it.  With a  few more Jew jokes and some words questioning the authenticity of the Holocaust, we may not have to do anything.  Israel will do it for the rest of the world, and there won’t be denying any of that.


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