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I Lost the Kid but I got the Weed – PHILADELPHIA –  Fathers of the world unite.  You’re all a bunch of screw ups, or it should be said that as a husband and father you’ve screwed up plenty of times.  No matter what you say, you dropped the ball and the when the old lady found out you either got thrown out or she called the cops and had them haul you out.  There was that one time when you left town for a week announced in order to see two World Series games, only you got a DUI in wifey’s car, and she didn’t even know you had it.  Or that other time when blew your new house funds on the black jack table in Vegas, and after the fact she found out about the lap dance with a happy ending you put on the credit card.  That’s laughable.  This guy lost his car and his kid, but at least he got what we was looking for.

A stoned Philadelpha man who was on a pot run allegedly stopped a police cruiser after he completely forgot where he parked car, the one with his 6-year-old stepson inside. At first the cops thought the guy was stoned, and he was, but by law they were obligated to investigate and a few hours later they found the car, then arrested him.  The moron was charged with endangering the welfare of a child, reckless endangerment, and possession of a controlled substance.   Apparently the guy drove an hour to Philly to score some high quality hydroponics.  After a sample toke he made the deal but within 5 minutes was totally discombobulated and ended up losing the car and the kid. (

Apparently the nabs found the car  less than half-mile from where they were stopped by the stoned man.   He proceeded to take the officers on a 45 mile jaunt to the car based on landmarks he remebered seeing on the way into town.  The lad was unhurt and turned over to his mother, but she completely kost her mind when she got to the precint to pick him up.  She was so pissed off that she refused to post the $4,000 bail and told the cops to keep her husband locked up until he got his act together.  She was worried to death about the boy, but absolutely livid because her husband got busted with the weed. 



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