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I Stole My Dad’s Car and Sold it for Some Crack – FRESNO, CALIFORNIA –  If you’re an average dude who liked to party as a teenager, it’s a good possibilty your old man was always bitching at you about something.  It really didn’t matter what you did; he didn’t approve and he always got pernickity about it.  However, as you got older, you learned how to handle things and when he mellowed out a bit it was payback time.  You knew exactly how to push his buttons, just to flip him out and keep HIM in line once in a while.  You could drive real fast into the goddamn driveway honking the horn, play the radio too goddamn loud, or even do goddamn super loud fagclap when he was was catching some shut-eye on the sofa.   The point is he would jump up, turn red, then snap for a few minutes.  After that he was cool.  But not this guy.  He broke all of the rules to piss his pops off, and there ain’t no more ball games or hunting trips after this one.

Cops busted a guy who stole his father’s car then drove it to the neighborhood drug dealer and traded it for $50 worth of crack and a crack pipe.  The man was tracked down and apprehended soon after his 74-year-old father called the police station to bitch about his Lincoln that had gone missing from the garage. When the feds showed up at the house, they saw the son staggering up the street acting all weird like a zombie with a head wound.   While on the way to the police station to book the perp,  the officers saw a  known crack dealer driving the Lincoln and chased the car down for more than 10 minutes though busy city streets. At the end the thief rammed the car into two other parked cars and escaped on foot. (

Later that evening the officers caught the driver after a foot chase and arrested him on suspicion of crack sales, evading an officer, resisting arrest, and reckless driving.  He faces a maximum of five years up state for being a three t time loser.  The son was arrested on suspicion of car theft and was sentenced to 3 months of rehab and 6 months of house arrest so that his old man can bitch at him everyday for being a crackhead car thief and how it’s going to be along time before he’s trusted again. 


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