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It’s Wal-Mart.  Porn is no Big Deal – FORT SMITH, ARKANSAS – As we evolve into a more tolerant soceity, innapropriate actions that were sure to put an end to golf at the country club aren’t such a big deal anymore.  What, with the advent of satellite television and the internet, just about everything is fair game, and then some.  For the Yale man once upon a time it was a social gunshot to the head if  he didn’t stand up and offer a lady his chair when she walked into a crowded bar.  Nowadays it’s commonplace to tell that prissy bitch to find her own goddamn seat.  The state school lad would have most likely bought case of decent beer and after getting his crush wasted asked nicely if she’d like to sleep in his bed, with or without him.  In the current era, at the Delta Sigma Phi house at Slippery Rock University, it’s a quick text saying “cum ovr n do me wen ur dun swilln beer.”  It’s no so much different for the votecher out there only things have never changed.  It’s off to the discount store to buy some generic chips, a can of skoal, and watch some skin flicks in the electronics department without making a big deal.

Two Oklahoma men have been jailed for allegedly putting a porno on the display televisions at an Arkansas Mal-Mart. According to court reports, two 20-year-old morons were arrested on a felony obscenity, deviant sexual behavior, and an assault and battery complaint.  After shooting guns and drinking a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer at the local gun club, the two porn stars decided to get some munchies and a Lynrd Skynrd cd at Walmart.  On the way to find their booty they accidentally stumbled onto the hub for the display tvs  and thought it would be kick ass to put in a porno so the whole store could see it, and everyone did.  The DVD was removed after a customer notified a store manager, but not before the two pranksters opened up a can of whoop ass on him.  When they were done they left but were arrested before they could reach their pick-up truck.  (

After being tossed into the drunk tank to sober up at the local police station, they processed and sent before the judge for a quick hearing to save time and money.  When questioned the men claimed they were just two good old boys  out drinking and shooting guns and were only trying having some fun.  They didn’t think anything of it, nor were they smart enough to know that public display of pornography is a serious offense in Arkansas, at least if it’s broadcasted on Wal-Mart tv.  The judge felt sorry for them and knows ignorance is bliss so he fined them $150 each and ordered both to do 50 hours of community service clearing the men’s at the local peep show where they can watch porn all day long for free.


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