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I Know I Robbed Your House But Can We Still Have Lunch?  – COLUMBUS, OHIO –  Boy, criminals are getting more and more creative as time goes by, and they’re getting smarter, or at least some are. On the other hand, there is a large population of scammers who are just plain dumb and no matter how clever they try to be, they fail time and time again.  Take that idiot out in Arizona who was recently filmed wearing a donkey mask while speeding for traffic cameras 90 odd times.  He thought the nabs couldn’t bust him if they couldn’t see his face, but he didn’t know they got his license plate number on the very same footage 90 odd times.  Or what about that bank teller in Alabama who robbed her employer three times in the same week, then deposited every cent into her checking account.  Just plaing stupid, right? Never.  Where there’s a will be be a total dumbass, there’s a sure-fire way to be a total dumbass, though some call it just plain love.

A presumed suspect in an armed burglary case was arrested when he returned to the same home he robbed a few later,  after being released, but not to retrieve left-behind goods.  He thought the chick he ripped off was toally hot so he came back to the scene of the crime two hours late and asked her out to luch. even though she was married.   The idiot in question, a Columbus man with a history of mental illnes, was among three men who robbed a house early last week.  Police affadavits say the woman recognized Bennett as “one of the thiefs who robbed her house, then had the balls to come back an hour later to see if she wanted to get some Chinese food then hang out.”  (

After a relative who was staying with the woman was sober enough to figure out who the guy was, she called the cops and the burglar was arrested right out in front of the home with a dozen roses in hand.  He was arraigned Tuesday on a $100,000 bail and will most likely head back to the funny farm he escaped from, unless he can come up with the bank to set him free. Unfortunately he wasn’t smart enough to ask her out while he was robbing her.  If he did, he might have picked up on her attitude and a for sure “hell no”  and just left with the cash in tow.  Maybe a few years in prison counseling will do him some good, though he won’t be able to meet any women in lockdown, at least none with real boobs and smooth faces.


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