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Hugo Goes to Venice-  VENICE, ITALY – Oh, those crazy dictators who truly believe they rule the world.  Just what will they think of next?  As overthrowing a small nation becomes more and more fashionable, those maniacs we call Supreme Leader are just full of surprises.  Just recently ailing Fidel Castro, Cuba’s own El Lider, gave word to his brother Raul, now in charge, somewhat, to free up travel and trade for all of Cuba, but afterwards he invited Bad Vlad Putin  and the Russian Navy over for some casual war games inside of international waters.  That maniac Kim Jong Il isn’t much better.  One minute he’s an invalid who threatens to blow up the work with his x-10 modulator, then he’s trying to make out with Bill Clinton during a hostage exchange. Then of course there’s that clumsy man-child Hugo Chavez who just can’t figure out if he wants to be a notorious Communist authortarian or an cinematic artiste with a jones for making movies.

Venezuelan president and resident madman Chavez rolled into Venice, Italy earlier in the week just to attend the Venice Film Festival, and of course the world premiere of Oliver Stone’s documentary about him and his on again/ off again relationship with the United States.  Chavez, flanked by toy soldiers from his regime, sashayed around with with Stone like a geek at this first prom complete with a 70s powder blue and white tuxedo and cheap black sun glasses obviously purchased at Sheetz.  He nonchalantly paraded around on the red carpet  and signed autographs like a moviestar while dodging sniper fire from less than adoring fans who are trying to collect the bounty put on his head by the CIA (

Stone’s film, “South of the Border,” is a sympathetic portrait of the bumbling leader, depicting him as a champion of the poor who has stood up to the American poltical machine but in the end ultimatelygets slapped around like a little bitch.  “What’s happening in Latin America is like a Renaissance,” the Venezuelan leader told reporters who couldn’t help but to laugh hysterically.  “Even though we’re a third world nation with no claim to the western world other than an exporter and refiner of crude oil, we will have our own cultural rebirth and I will become the supreme leader of the globe.”  Chavez landed in Venice after visiting Iran and Turkmenistan where he tried to bully their leaders, but the Muslim Jihadists laughed at him too, after they sold him a bunch of worthless oil and  faulty nucluear weapons that Russia sent by mistake.



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