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I Got Hammered at the World Chess Championships then I was Chickity Checkmated-  INDIA –  If you’re a world class “anything,” chances are you know how freaking hard it is to become “world class.”  You basically start out doing something like stupid like figure skating or playing the tuba at age 4, then do it everyday  for the rest of your life.  It’s pretty much a mind fluck consisting of practice, practice, practice, then some practice, practice, practice, followed by even more practice.  But, if you’re good enough at something, whatever the hell it is, you could end up making lots of money by being world champ, unless your this pathetic schmuck.  He didn’t want to be in the spotlight or win anything for his country, so he headed off to the bar and got hammered.

A  renowned French chess player showed up wasted drunk and passed out cold after just 11 moves in an international tournament in India.  Aside from completely embrassing himself and his family on national tv, he was also tossed from match play on technical grounds of  passing out and forfeiting a move, and for removing pieces from the board illegally.  Grandmaster  Vladislav Tkachiev arrived for Thursday’s match against the Indian champion so drunk the could hardly sit in his chair.  After a few stupidmoves  he passed out on the table and knocked over the game pieces with his head (

The game was forfeited and a win awarded to the Indian champ, Praveen Kumar, who took the prize money, but not the medal; he wanted to whip the Russian’s ass fair and sqare.  Tkatchiev was warned and reprimanded by the organizers afterwards but was permitted to stay in the tournament after a few bribes and shots of vodka at the bar.  For a few hundred rubles and private lap dance with a happy ending any chess judge can be bought.  Hell, it’s not the Olympics and there’s no International Chess Committee testing for drugs, so why not have a little fun and pass out at the World Championships? Chickity check mate Comrade.  Pass that bottle of cheap Smirnoffs, and the cash. 



~ by the115 on 09/06/2009.

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