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 11:17 pm

Labor Day Sales You’ll Want to Skip-  INTERNET – Well, if you are lucky enough to have a few bundles of joy heading back to school for the next year , or you’re just a normal schmuck with a spending problem, you know there’s going to be a giant Labor Day sale going on somewhere.  Just about every retailer in the world had a shitty summer sales season so they’re just dying to pawn off as much of their leftover junk as possible. is having the ever popular “bring a truck and have a Mexican load for $10 sale” that’s bound to make millions. is holding their own “$4.99 sale on things that are aways $5” so they’ll probably pull in a few quid from the trailer park crowd with dial up.  Both places might, that’s might, have some decent stuff to buy online, but these places won’t, so stay the hell away or you’ll be filing a PayPal claim quicker than a Russian hacker can steal your password.

1.  Edress me, shedress me, and hedress me and none of them know what the hell they’re doing.

2.  Bloomingdales.

3. when you see their prices.

4. is more like it.

5. is probably a better way of phrasing it.

6.  How about   Clothes for the everday slut.

7.  Theystartrobbingyouat6pmanddon’ is catchier. (

So, with the weaning days of summer in full swing, now’s the time to get of your lazy asses and  start finding some killer deals online.  All you have to do is point, click and confirm.  It’s not that hard but anyone with a credit card, real or otherwise stolen, can buy just about any goddamn thing they like.  But if you are a life long member of, or you’re if you’re dumber than a subscriber of, stay the hell away from those 7 sites above or you’ll be be taking money management classes at 



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