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Philadelphia Eagles' Michael Vick runs a route as a receiver in first quarter of 10:21 pm

The Donovan McNabb Story:  Jealousy but no Hustle or Flow- PHILADELPHIA Aw, there’s a quarterback controversy in Philadelphia and Donovan McNabb is all busted up over it.  Now that one-time superstar Mike Vick is in town looking for a job, he’s going after it like a inmate on a mission in the prison yard, and yes the pun was intended.  Sure, Philly does okay with Mcnabb at the helm, but they haven’t won the Super Bowl with him running the show yet.  But, with Vick breathing down his neck, the chances of going to the “big” game might be a little better, once Vick is off of house arrest and Goodell lets him play, that is if he plays, and McNabb stops the bitching.

Vick was involved in just six plays Thursday night in the team’s preseason game against Jacksonville. McNabb told Mornhinweg and coach Andy Reid that Vick coming in and out of the game disrupted the flow of the game and emphasized he didn’t like that shit one bit.  Eagles offensive coordinator Mary Morhinweg doesn’t think the addition of Michael Vick will disrupt the rhythm of Philadelphia’s offense, or any other NFL offense for that matter.  “It’s not going to be a disruption at all” Mornhinweg said. “We did have a quick discussion about  Donovan’s displeasure and there shouldn’t be any problems unless he’s a little bitch about it.  I mean come on, these guys come off and on the field every play.  It’s part of the greatest goddamn sport in America. You know, receivers like to get a little rhythm too, and they’re in and out but they’re not bitching. Backs go in and out and they aren’t bitcting either. We change people on every play and if Donovan doesn’t like it he can carry around the clipboard on the sidelines during the next game if he wants.  That’s what I have to say about little bitches with attitudes”  (

Vick took part in the Eagles’ first four drives on Thursday and didn’t look like a  guy who did 18 months in federal prison, though his house arrest shock band was noticable at some angles.   The first series was a three-and-out that gained only a few yards on a half-back toss. On the next drive second he completed a 13-yard pass that resulted in a field goal, and little Donovan pouted on the sidelines because the cameras weren’t on him.  Mornhinweg said on an end note,  “Every game will be different for both quarterbacks. There will be games where we use Mike situationally, and there will be some he won’t be able to make due to house arrest rules that cover leaving the state of confinement.  It will change game to game by game plan. We’ll do whatever we think is the best thing that will help us win the game and if Donovan doesn’t like it he can quit and go back to Hollywood to do a few more Campbell’s soup commercials.  No pussies aloud on this team.”  McNabb was unavailable for comment after the game,  nor was Vick, but he was seen rummaging through a few lockers at halftime.



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