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Dutch museum says 'moon rock' worthless wood 11:59 pm

We Thought Bought a Moon Rock but it Turned out to be Wood- THE HAGUE –   Isn’t a tragedy when you find out a piece of world history is really a worthless piece of junk?  It’s like a chapter in our history is written one day, then it’s torn out the very next.  Famous paintings have been passed on from museum to museum because experts can’t agree if they are the real McCoy worth millions, or a paint by number picture duped by a street painter in Tijuana.  Same with historical documents.  You just never know if that congressional diary in mint condition you bought on Ebay was hand written by our beloved George Washington, or some forger in Fulsom Prison named Jimmy George Washinton.  Well, it wasn’t much different for some Dutch art collectors, only it took them 40 years to figure out their priceless was treasure wasn’t priceless at all.

A treasured chunk of moon rock displayed for 40 years at am Amsterdam museum is nothing but chunk of petrified wood.  The rock, er wood, was a gift given to a former Dutch prime minister by a US official affiliated with the moon landings.  “When we received it, we insured it for 100,000 florins or 50,000 euros in today’s money,” explained the  museum official.  “Now that it’s been authenticated, it’s worth about as much as a pack of cigarettes or an oil can of Fosters Lager at the corner bar”  she added.  The authenticaton was confirmed by independent studies on the object, which is roughly the size of a golf ball.  All agreed it was a worthless piece of tree bark treated with chemicals so that it appeared to be old (

According to historians, NASA gifted pieces of the alleged moon rock to several countries as a symbol of good faith and frienship right after the alleged moon landings.  The Rijksmuseum Gallery, one of the world’s finest museums, is better known for its vast collection of paintings by Rembrandt, but now that they’ve been had on the moon wood, they better bring in those derelicts from Mythbusters.  Maybe they can bust the myth on these paintings in a single show, insteading waiting 40 years to figure out it was painted with crayons.



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