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Why Do Chicks Cheat?-  Chances are, if you’re a dude of any age, you’ve been cheated on by a woman before.  You know exactly what this means too. None of this “Oh, it was nothing.  She just spent the night with that guy at the ‘Swapper’s Convention’ because all of the hotels were booked”  because it won’t work.  You know exactly what cheating is, and you know exactly who she’s been “doing” it with, pun intended.  Sure, some guys see it a mile away while others can just feel it. If you don’t know she’s sneeking around with the Pool Man, or if you’re a totally clueless dork who doesn’t know she’s sleeping with the Chinese Delivery Guy, here are a few reasons why it might be happening to you.

1.  Feeling Lonely in a Relationship- Why shoudln’t she?  Your spending so much time playing Madden in the basement with your beer drinking buddies that you toally forgot she was upstairs making friends with the mailman who, by the way, is gainfully employed.

2.  Feeling Taken for Granted- Nah, you knew she’d be home by 5 with dinner on the table and a beer in your hand by 5:30, until she hired Hans, that muscle-head fitness trainer down at the Y, to buff her up.  

3.  You Are Leading Separate Lives-  She’ll never find out about your $50 a day coke habit and weekly trips to the casino, until your bank account shrivels up and guy named Bruno shows up at the house looking to break some thumbs.

4.  Revenge Can Be Bittersweet- Threatening to show her friends the cheesy porno you made on your phone won’t get her back, and there is no way in hell you’re going to kick Hans’ ass, so you better hire a professional for the job.

5. The Ego Needs Stroking-  Mentioning that she’s looking heavy and bloated in her “fat” jeans isn’t the best thing to say during her monthly visit from an old friend (

So, fellas, if you have a hot looking girlfriend you’re totaly in nuts for, or even an ugly gal you sleep with when you’re drunk, treat her good and she’ll keep coming back for more.  Happy women are trustworthy women, and they like to keep their men happy at all costs.  But if you’re a clueless fool who didn’t think twice about seeing your boss’ phone number in your chick’s phone, you better wake and smell the blow-off because she’s cheating on you right now.


~ by the115 on 08/23/2009.

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