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4 Ways of Saying He’s Just not into You-  Okay ladies, well, not all ladies, only the goofy ones who don’t get the hint.  How do you know if and when a guy digs you?  Does he come visit your on your lunch hour and insist on treating for a bag of stale Fritos and a can of spoiled Yahoo?  Will he rub the blisters on your sweaty feet after you come home from working a double at the mill and not expect a happy ending?  If so, have no fears.  That guy is wrapped around your finger.  If not, you better read on and ask yourself if the man of your dreams is trying to tell you something you don’t want to hear.

#1. He doesn’t text you between noon and 5 p.m.–  He doesn’t text you between 5 and midnight either.  Get over it girlfriend.  He doesn’t text you at all.

#2. He doesn’t  talk to your friends-  He avoids them, and you, like the plague, unless he knows one of them is willing to sleep with him behind your back.

#3. He never takes you out during the day- Nope, never.  He doesn’t take you out during the night either.  Face it. He doesn’t take you out period.

#4. He doesn’t email you- He doesn’t text and he doesn’t call, so why the hell would he email?? (

So, if you haven’t had a good grasp on the situation just yet, face reality and let the above sink in.  Oh, can’t do it because something inside is telling you to give it a few more months, then he’ll come around?  Trying to rationalize the irrational?  Yes, you’ve been bugging him since the 5th grade and yes, you did spend some time together in the sack, but those days were long gone.  If all else has failed and stalking him for the past year still isn’t working, why don’t you just get the hint and leave him the hell alone?


~ by the115 on 08/21/2009.

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