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FILE  -In this Nov. 12, 2007 file photo, Ben Stein is interviewed in New York. 11:34 pm

Win Ben Stein’s Column- New York – Do you remember those whacky tv game shows from way back where you were a kid?  Some reall,  really cool and some were really stupid, but they were fun to watch anyway, and they were indicitive of a simpler time in America.  There was “Let’s Make a Deal” where people got all licquored up, put on ridicuous costumes, then battled each over for what was behind curtains 1, 2, and 3.  “The Liar’s Club” was also fun because celebrites would get all wasted before the show, which was all about doing silly things like dressing up a bong to look like a flower vase, then they would pass it around and lie about what it really was.  But how about “Win Ben Stein’s Money?”  It was kind of funny because contestants came on to play trivial pursuit with a monotonic bore, but it’s not nearly as funny as “Win Ben Stein’s Column,” his latest hit that won’t be paying him one red cent.

No pun intended, but Ben Stein has been stripped of his Sunday New York Times business column because he got paid to sling services for a credit monitoring company.   A New York Times spokeswoman Catherine Mathis said the newspaper decided it would not be cool for Stein to pitch business for the crooks at in his column.  Oddly enough trouble seems to be finding the montonic madman.  Earlier in the summer he withdrew as the University of Vermont’s commencement speaker over complaints about his belief in  intelligent design over evolution, but he’s a practicing Jew so why would be believe in the endeniable evidence of evolution? (

Stein is probabl most widely known as the goofy monotone economics teacher in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” and he plays the occasional rabbi or lawyer when he can get a decent paying gig.  “Win Ben Stein’s Money” was wildy popular for a minute because he spanked every contestant who came on the show with his intellectual prowess, but everyone got pissed when somebody finally beat him at his own game and found out there was actually no money to win.  Really?  How funny?  What did you really expect from a guy named Ben Stein anyway?


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