The Daily Habit: Psychology

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Don’t Believe The Hype.  Love Sucks-  Unless you’ve been under the influence of heavy doses of narcotics your whole life, you’ve probably had a lousy break up or two.  Yeah, you know the ones in question.  The really shitty brush-offs that pissed you off for a good year or two, maybe longer.  Though it was a while ago and you pretend to be over it, deep inside you’re still fuming and have been plotting that bitch’s demise since the day she slept with your landlord.  Just in cases this has never happened to you, beware, because it will. If it hasn’t yet, here are 4 things that aren’t going to make one damn bit of difference once you do get kicked to the curb.

1. Don’t Say “I Love You” Every Day- The minute you do that cheatin whore will make your life miserable forever, and then some.

2. Don’t Play Hard to Get- It really doesn’t matter which way you play it. You aren’t getting any more sex from her so it don’t waste your time trying.

3. Your Girlfriend Shouldn’t Be Your Best Friend- She may as well be.  Your friends dumped you the minute you moved into that slut’s apartment.

4. Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder- No it doesn’t.  She’s been tired of seeing you every minute of the day for a while now.  So, you may as well stay out boozing every night all by yourself because your friends still think you’re an idiot for chasing that tramp around.

5. You Can Learn to Love Someone- No you can’t.  She doen’st love you, she never loved you, and she never will love you.  Get over it and try to sleep with her sister.  With her you just might have a chance             (

So, guys, unless you’ve got serious skills with the ladies, and that’s highly doubtful, you don’t have much choice when it comes to finding a chick foolish enough to dig you.  If you do, it’s going to cost you dearly, and that doesn’t mean monetarily either.  Chances are you’re life will be ruined the minute you tell some cheating peer bitch you love her, so do all of the above and pray that she leaves once you have good sex a few times.  If she doesn’t you’re going to be crying in your lonely apartment for a long time so boot up the computer and get out that box of kleenex pronto.   Internet porn stars come dirt cheap, and they won’t break your heart if you tell them how you feel, after you hitched to the moon.


~ by the115 on 08/18/2009.

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