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I Yawned in Court and Got 30 Days in the Clink-  JOLIET, Illinois –  With the way things have been going lately in America, it’s no wonder why crime just doesn’t pay anymore.  In the past, one could basically break the law a few times and only get a small fine and an ass-chewing from the judge.   But that ain’t true nowadays.  Just look at the rotten son-of-bitch Bernie Madoff.  He thought he’d be able to buy his way out of mishandling billions of investment dollars but he was sentenced to 150 years in prison without a snowball’s chance in Jamaica of being paroled.   Same thing with rapper DMX.  He ended up getting 6 months in a desert boot camp for wilding out while on probation, then he had to wear a pink bra and undies to show the world he was a prison bitch just like everyone else serving time along with him.  Things were much different for this guy only he was sent up the creek for nodding off while a judge was laying down the law.

An Illinois judge bailed out a convict who he jailed three weeks ago for being ignorant in court.    A dumb ass from Richton Park was found in contempt of and jailed on July 23 after after he let out a casual, loud yawn during an important trial for drug crimes.  The perp was in court for his cousin’s sentencing on various drug trafficking and prostitution charges but seem to have a total disregard for the law.  A prosecutor presiding over the court during the sentence hearing described the yawn as “a loud and boisterous display of the man’s complete ignorance and lack of common sense.  The Judge should have jailed his ass for the maximum 6 months, just to teach that slob a lesson about respect for the court and respect for one’s own self” (

As he stood before the bench wearing a blonde wig, orange lipstick and gun-metal shackles, the judge gave him a short lecture on stupidity and respect for the court, and a private talk on how to avoid becoming a jail house bitch during a three week incarceration period.   He told the convict he wasn’t sent to jail for simply yawning  or for making a sound that was offensive to the court, but because he was a total moron with no discipline or respect for authority.   He also said that the ounce of weed court guards found during a strip search added to the time behind bars.   There were no additonal comments made about the wig or lipstick. 


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