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I Bum A Smoke and You Bust Me for Begging?-  DECATUR TOWNSHIP, Mich –  In America today, it seems like the stuff cops try to pull on the general public is getting ridiculously out of hand.  It’s like they turn into little Nazis once they get that badge and gun.  You have the tough guy types with the flat top haircuts and park ranger hats, the little guys who turn into Napolean the minute they get assigned to bike patrol, and of course there are the ones who sit in the cruiser eating donuts all day just waiting for a chance to profile a minority who’s minding their own business.    But, nobody beats this hard-nosed deputywho told a woman to get lost and stop begging, then busted her for bumming a smoke not two days later.

A 49-year-old crazy Michigan woman who asked a sheriff’s deputy to lend her money for a pack of cancer sticks  on a a Wedenesday ended up being nabbed for the same thing only two days later.   The Kalamazoo Gazette reported the woman was warned about panhandling on July 23 and again on Friday by the Van Buren County sheriff’s department who were fed up with her bullshit.  Apparently the woman was warned repeatedly to cease pestering her Decatur Township neighbors for money to buy cigarettes and booze but she just kept on begging(

The prick who nabbed her said the woman asked for money Wednesday after which he said to beat it, again on Friday, then tried bargaining with him for different dollar amounts when he told her to beat it again.  When she contintued to badger relentlessly he arrested her for disorderly conduct and stuffed her in the back of the cruiser.   To add to the cop’s mood she continued her quest for a smoke until he stopped and bought her a pack jus so she would shut the hell up.  The case was being forwarded to the prosecutor’s office who will no doubt laugh this one down to a plea agreement so the cop doesn’t embarass himself for busting an old homeless lady for mooching smokes and change. 


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