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Yes Officer I Did Rob That Bank But Could I Still Get A Ride?-  Geezus Mary and Jospehine.  How stupid can stupid people be?  Sure, times are tough and everyone in the real world has had to tighter the belt and struggle a bit as of late, but there’s not excuse for resorting to crime, or least not the ones that will get you laughed out of jail.  In the media recently there was a silly little story about a guy from Ohio who got loaded and wrecked his motorized bar stool on the way home from the clubs, then he got busted for a DUI.  Another story tells of two different people in Flint, Michigan who called 911 because Burger King and McDonald’s wouldn’t give them their money back after they ate half the food.  Consequently, this guy is just as dumb, only he found the cops, instead of them finding him.

A recently paroled ex-con robbed a Michigan bank last week, then got nabbed when he tried to hitch a ride from an undercover cop just blocks away from the scene.   Mark E. White was arraigned last Friday on charges of bank robbery and phoning in a false bomb threat.  His bond is set at $755,000 and it doesn’t look like he’s got the cheese to  post, unless he stashed some of the stick-up money in an alley before he got busted (

According to eye-wintnesses, White, who was visibly drunk,  ran down a Saginaw Township Detective not five minutes  after kocked off the bank just a few blocks away.  He staggered in wearing a Dick Cheney mask with a rubber gun in tote and told everyone to shut the hell up, then demanded that he be given a bag full of money.  The dumbasses who worked at the bank actually believed he was serious so they gave him the cash, he staggered back out,  threw the mask in the dumpster, then chased the cop down the street for three blocks like a moron.   The sad part is that White was paroled June 16 after serving time for operating a vehicle while intoxicated and violating an earlier parole for trying to rob a Pizza Hut with a spear gun and a Jamaican dreadlock wig.  He faces a maximum of 15 years for being a repeat offende who can’t stop robbing banks in disguise.



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