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Contrasting Breakup Styles: Jon Dates, Kate Schleps 6:52 pm

Jons Out Dating While Kate’s Player Hating- Los Angeles Fellas.  If you’ve every had your heart broken by a hot chick,  you know that breaking  up totally sucks, particularly if you’re the one who gets kicked to the curb.  You put so much time and energy into that goddamn relationship, not to mention all of the money, headaches and of course free sex, if you call it free, then that dirty bitch tells you to beat it.  Once she does you go from denial to the boo hoos to denial and back again to the boo hoos.  Then, after like a year of walking around sulking like a little bitch, you finally just say fluck that trollop and move on, though you’d still run over there for a quickie if she called.  Well, not this time boys.  We finally got one up on the those sneaky women we wanted to have children with, or did have children with.   Jon told that witch Kate to get lost and now he’s out dating, but she’s sitting around on her fat ass singing the blues and player hating. 

Lil Jon Gosseling from Jon and Kate Plus 8 was out globe-trotting last week with one sluttly looking blonde on the Riviera,  then painted the town in NYC with the the slutty chic in the pic a few days later. This week he’ll be  laying pipe in his  new bachelor pad or driving his new OCC Chopper around the Big Apple.  Meanwhile,  ex-wife Kate, pissed because she’s always on mom duty, talked shit to the media, then talked more shit to Jon during TLC photo shoot the other day.  Within minutes Kate started swinging at Jon’s new babe, then Kate’s security forces got into a brawl with Jon’s entourage who ended up kicking some ass.  A fter the scuffle was broken  up Jon and his whore left on his bike  in a hurry, then Kate took a few valiums and left with the kids in tow(

Boo hoo Kate.  Do a reality check.  Jon put up with your shit for the past 10 years and just got sick of it.  So, instead of dragging it  along in court or through a lawyer, he just hooked up with a big girl and let the flashes fly.  That way he didn’t have to risk a groin injury by telling you in person.  You know, sometimes that might be the best way to tell some one to get the hell out.  No serious talks, phone calls, drive-bys or text messages.  Just a night on the town with a fat chick, some blow and a few hundred paparazzi following every move.  That way there’s no confusion about the situation.  So, listen up Kate.  Jon’s dating so quit player hating.  Let the poor guy have some fun.


~ by the115 on 07/22/2009.

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