The Daily Habit: Politics

Kris Hoehn stands as if he were pointing a weapon in Kasota, Minn. on Tuesday,

Minnesota Deput Sheriff Murders Unarmed Man;_ylt=AhbMQG0UUivj0u1mKOZ.eY1H2ocA;_ylu=X3oDMTE1MGhlcmNnBHBvcwMxBHNlYwN5bi1jaGFubmVsBHNsawNtaW5ubWFua2lsbGU


~ by the115 on 07/21/2009.

One Response to “The Daily Habit: Politics”

  1. I’d just call this Murder.Deputy with a Gun Lost his Temper and shot a Unarmed Man Dead.Thats the Facts.Why is he not in Jail? Why does he have more rights then a Tax payer??? Who I might add pays the Bills.The Law is Clearly Wrong here.Whats stopping Deputy from running.If I were him in his predictiment I sure would be a Running for the Border.This was just Plain Murder First degree or aleast second degree. Sure Not Man slaughter.Deputy was Mad when he Pulled trigger.We all need to take charge of these Law inforcement People and regain control.They have shot alot of People unarmed.Unarmed is unarmed.Old days That was called Murder Too.We sure cant this slip by as a Oops! I accidently got mad and Pulled the trigger,by accident??? Deputy can take a anger management class well in Prison next 10 to 25 Years.He is not above the law which calls this Murder.

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