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Harry Potter’s Pal Pinched for Producing Pot- LONDON- Wow, man, you’d think that movie stars with tons of money would be a super shrewd when conducting themselves, considering they’re always in the public eye.   It’s a known fact that crazed fans, stalkers, loose chicks, druggies and of course the paparazzi are always lurking in dark allies and hiding in the bushes  awaiting a chance meeting.  With this being a reality, some movie stars need to take certain precautions to protect themselves, like maybe hiring some diesel, pipe-hitting body guards who don’t take any shit, maybe sticking to high-priced call girls, and of course they need to find a low-key dealer who knows how to keep his trap shut.  Well, it looks like the asshole bully from Harry Potter followed suit and kept to himself, except he didn’t need a drug dealer to get weed, and now he’s off to jail.

A London judge took pity on 20 year old Jamie “Way Lit” Waylett  who plays fat-assed bully Vincent Crabbe  in the Harry Potter films and only gave him 120 hours of community service for growing marijuana.   In exchance for pleading guitly and facing some realistic chances of getting butt-rammed in prison, Crabbe got hit with 120 hours of cleaning public toilets and had to promise not to grow weed in his mom’s basement for 1 whole year.    The judge just loves Harry Potter so gave the littel bastard a break.  He said the actor had been, “Until now, a fat little man of good character but the chronic got the best of him, and so did the munches.  Hopefully some latrine duty will get him on the straight” (

According to court documents, Crabbe’s mumsy smelled something that resembled a dead skunk  behind a basemaent wall and called Scotland Yard to investigate.  Upon arrival, London’s best took roughly 4 hours to find more some 10 weed plants growing in Crabbe’s bedroom closet, right where mommy dearest smelled skunk.  In England, growing ganja carries a maximum 14-year sentence and it’s all over once your tried and convicted.   The judge said that he accepted the cultivation of such a small amount of plants was on a small scale and for Waylett’s own use, even though he doubted they would get much bigger growing in a basement closet.  After his community service Way Lit will be appearing in “Harry Potter and The Case of Crabbe’s Pot Pinch”  due out  next fall.


~ by the115 on 07/21/2009.

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