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iPhone App For GPSin the GanjaMan- Man, Steve Jobs sure does have it locked down over there at Apple.  He’s the braniac who came up with the  brilliant idea for the iPod, and most notably the iPhone which has changed the way we communicate. It’s like that little cheap piece of plastic made in Korea can go anywhere and do anything, more so because of the invention of an infinte amount of apps one can buy.  There’s a really cool one that records farts and lets you play them all day long while all of the fat guys look around the  office with the “It wasn’t me” look.  There’s another one that’s even cooler.  This one sends porn to your iPhone every hour on the hour, though it’s kind of hard to do much with such a small screen, and you have to hold it with both hands.  But, those two are miniscule when it comes to the most awesome app of all.   Potheads of the world unite because there’s a nifty new app out there that tracks down a pot dealer for you, then it phones ahead with an order for weed.

Simply named The Amazing Cannabis, the 99 cent app lets users search by city for their nearest cannabis suppliers, shady doctors with a scrip shop, smoke-clinics, lawyers, head shops, massage parlors, and of course great spots for snacks.  It currently covers 13 US states which have passed medicinal weed use, 47 other states where it has been and always will be illegal,  totally legal “coffee shops” all over Europe and uses Google Maps for directions, in case you’re too stoned to find the place (

The desigers of the FindaGanjaman app,, hope to add cannabis related news, fast food menus, chronic reviews and “how to grow” killer weed videos soon.  It is available from the Apple iTunes App Store now, but there’s a long wait to download so hold off until things cool off.  Once the fuzz get hold of one and figure out how to use it, all of the dealers will have moved to a new location.  Nonetheless, with this kind of service you can basically never have to worry about scoring pot again for as long as you own your iPhone, or until your 2 year contract with AT&T runs out. 


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