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Yes, We Were Having Sex In The Car Officer, But The Chrystal Meth Isn’t Mine-  SAN ANTONIO With times being so downright disgusting, many people get shoved into a corner and have no where to go.  Once they’re there, the ony way out is to lie, cheat and/or steal and when they do, a good many get caught.  In the aftermath of their stupidity the stories they feed to the police are priceless.  “No, sir, that’s not me on the tape robbing Jugdish at the Kwik-e-Mart.  It was only a one-eyed man who looked like me.”  Or, “I was no where near 5th and Addison during the robbery, at least not at that particular time. I may have previously been there at one time, but not on that particular day.  That’s how my finger prints got on the screwdriver you found.”  That’s nothing comared to “Yes,  we were having sex in the car officer. But the chrystal meth you found under the seat ain’t mine.”

Bexar County sheriff’s deputies  found more than just two  people filming amateur car sex and used condoms when they were called to a parked car that was shaking like a room full of epileptics on acid yesterday.  The local federales also found enough equipment and chemicals in the car to start a methamphetamine lab that could turn over some nice profit if everybody kept quiet.  Apparently the deputies checked out the car after neighbors reported it parked in an unusual spot in a busy neighborhood, just northeast of San Antonio (

A rather tweaked out 26 year old man and  25 year old woman have been charged with public lewdness, sex in a parked vehicle, possession of deviant sex devices and manufacture of a controlled substance with intent to distribute.  Both were booked into the Bexar County Jail with bonds set at nearly $31,000 each, and neither is getting out any time soon.  What the hell?  Can two twitching toothpicks possiby be so whacked out on crank that they pull over in a city neighborhood and start humping like retarded bunnies?  To make it worse, they’re screwing in a moving meth lab that’s filled with all of the ingredients that can contribute to a lengthy stretch in federal prison.  But, it has been said that sex is great when you’re on meth. Or is that extasy?  Either way, both can lead to wonderful sex in a car,  and a sleepless night in a prison cell.


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