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 I Might be Stuck Behind Bars but I’m Still Your Daddy-  One of the great inevitables of life is when a women gets pregnant, then tries to figure out who the daddy is.  It’s like she was sleeping around all over town with a few guys, but which one offered the magic fruit is the question of the day.  Was it Bucky, the guy with big teeth and pop bottle glasses who works down at the sewer plant?  Coud it have been Big Mike, the player with a really big mic, who scrubs rims and does cheap paint jobs over at the car wash? Or was it Ray Ray, the smooth talking clepto from work? No, couldn’t be Ray because he’s behind bars doing some time for a minor burglary charge.   Really?  Don’t kind yourself sister because it can be his, and probably is.

A former Police superintendent has been asked to investigate allegations of whether a convicted murderer who’s spending life in jail has fathered a child from behind prison walls, but he says no.  Sure it can happen, but not like that.  It is believed the criminal’s sperm was smuggled out of prison and used to impregnate his girlfriend who gave birth to a boy last month.  The warden says “No way.  No way possible it happened in my jail.  You can’t take anything out as small as a letter, let alone sperm,” he said.  “The only other way it could have left undetected was it if was carried out in the woman’s mouth and aside from the two of them having a conjugal visitin the men’s room, they wouldn’t have had any other opportunity for it to get in her mouth.  End of Story”  (

Hmmm.  Smuggling love potion out of a jail then getting pregnant from a remote sight?  Highly, highly illogical if you’ve ever tried it.  How can it be done if security is so tight?   Did she hitch to the moon and collect it in her shoe? Was it stored in a visine bottle and hid under a saggy boob?  Or did she really get a mouthful and just smile and nod when she left the men’s room?  It’s a mystery that wil go unsolved until a DNA test is concluded.  Then, despite the letures from every health teacher and directors of  Family Planning centers in America,  you’ll see that a girl can get pregnant from giving oral sex.


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