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I got 2 DUIs on the Same Day and You Didn’t-  Ocean City Maryland- Have you noticed that drunken birds of a feather always stick together when working summer jobs at the beach, at least when they brag about their ability to party hearty every night?  It’s like the never-ending game of “bow to me” that fraternity brothers play well into their 40s, only it involves booze, drugs and wasted chicks.  You have one girl with a nice smile and “don’t do me” eyes who gets so wasted, or thinks she is, that she passes out before the keg is tapped.  Then there’s the one who parties like a sailor home from leave, then sleeps with everybody in the complex before the end of the summer, as long as the cheap beer and speed are free.  Of course you have the ultimate one-upper who gets totally hammered at happy hour then ends up getting busted for DUI on the way home, by bike cops, twice.

Police arrested a sorrority girl twice in five hours on charges of driving under the influence of alcohol, reckless driving, and passing out cold behind the wheel. Police said the 20-year-old lass, a Knockers girl and proud sister of IETAXI, was swerving from lane to lane viloently and sped though a stop sign doing roughly 120 mph early Friday morning. When the bicycle cops stopped her, she was visibly driving under the influence of something.   She was released on DUI and abusing a  motor vehicle charges and then about five hours later, she was driving drunk again (

Maryland law strictly prohibits anyone from driving within 12 hours of a DUI arrest, but that didn’t stop her. Police nabbed  her again and charged her with a second DUI and lewd conduct. She was held on $55,000 bond, and she had to forfeit her Scandal’s Party Pass, no scamming from work for the rest of the summer, and she has to clean up seagull poop on the boardwalk as part of the city’s community service project.  When she gets back to school in the fall she’ll also have to be the house slave for a month, provide a decent handjob to one guy from every fraternity, and the polo team, and will act as designated driver every Monday night all year, unless she’s too drunk to drive. IIII ETAETAETA XIXIXI.


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