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 10:43 pm

I’m not Harry Potter but I got the Swine Flu-  Boy, in Hollywood, it must really suck to play second fiddle to some schmuck in a hit tv show or movie.  It’s like you’re both in the same movie or stitcom adn you’re doing the same stupid stuff, only he gets all of the press, all of the hot chicks and of course all of the moneyfor being head squid.  That poor old Barney Fife didn’t stand a chance of being Sheriff, not with that gospel singing, goody two shoes Andy Griffith always hanging around.  Same goes for Terrence Howard who didn’t do much better when he was stood up for  another supporting role Iron Man II, but without him Robert Downey would have been doing coke every day between scenes in his trailer.   That’s nothing to sneeze about.  Ron Weasley is in a hell of a lot worse shape than those two losers, and  Harry Potter sure ain’t coming to his rescue.

Rupert Grint, who plays the effeminate Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter flicks, ran into some bad luck and contracted swine flu, just three days before the latest opens in London.  Hetook several days off from shooting filming the next movie in the series, ‘Harry Potter and the Deathyl Hallows,”  but is still expected to join co-stars on the red carpet for the launch of “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” Tuesday.  “Ronnie has taken a few days away fromof filming due to a mild bout of highly contagious swine flu,” his publicist said in a statement.  “He was off to the Cannibas Cup in Amsterdam for a few days and after smoking mad amounts of ganja one night  he picked up the dirty bug from some cheap prostitute.  He has now mostly recovered and is looking forward to joining the rest of his crew so he can pass it on to them” (

She later went to add that it was no big deal and that that filming was not disrupted by  his absence.  Why would it be a big deal?  He’s a second player in the flutaphone section of The Harry Potter Band.  A minor character who’ll end up getting turned into stone at the end of the series.  After that he spend the rest of his career doing cheesy promotions or television commercials that will rely on his 15 miutes of fame that have been long gone.  Kind of like Screetch from Saved by the bell, only he’ll probably have enough sense to stay away from the porn industry. 


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