The Daily Habit: Politics

South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford pauses after apologizing to his state agency

Sanford Won’t Resign


~ by the115 on 06/28/2009.

One Response to “The Daily Habit: Politics”

  1. Sanford has admitted to having poor judgement concerning this affair. He has not only ruined a long marriage and lost the faith of a loyal wife, but he has, at the very least disrupted the lives of his children. This could have lasting, harmfull effects on all of them.
    I guess (according to Sanfords way of thinking) bad judgement does not carry over to other aspects of his life.
    Judgement is not only ruled by knowledge, but also by morals and ethical behavior.
    The idea that morals and ethics apply to one aspect of life and not all aspects of life is cofusing to me. I must assume that when he is setting in his Goveners office after coming from his mistresses home he just flips a switch and becomes the moral, and ethical person that we hope that we have elected.

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