The Daily Habit: Television

In this publicity image released by TLC, reality TV stars, Jon Gosselin, right, 6:52 pm

Boo Hoo  No More 8 Cause Jon Dumped Kate- Have you ever noticed the tragedies that beset reality stars after their respective shows flop and go off the air?  There’s poor old Hulk Hogan who had a hit show on VH1 until the lovely Brooke fell short of a singing careerr, jr. Hulkster Nick went to jail for street racing, then the misses gave him walking papers and took half.  After his successful tv run fat, naked and fruity Richard Hatch, perhaps the shrewest of all “Surivor” contestants who liked to let it all hang out, was charged with child abuse (charges were dropped), tax evasion and perjury, all of which led him to a four year prison stretch in Motown, West Virginia.  Well, it’s no different for other reality stars who experience their 15 minutes of fame because Jon dumped Kate and their money-making show is a bust.

The co-stars of “Jon & Kate Plus 8,”  Jon and Kate Gosselin, stunned the viewing world on Monday night when they announced their seperation, a curb kicking of mega reality tv proportions.  Their rocky 10-year marriage dominated the series in recent weeks and blasting Jon’s wandering eye and fetish for fat chicks that aren’t his wife all over the news didn’t help much, though it was rumored that Kate was giving some out on the sly too.  The Gosselins’ announcement raises concerns about the future of  their wildly popular show which, now in its fifth season, is TLC’s most popular series, but for how much longer?  (

Since it is so popular, they may as well just keep filming because people love their favorite tv shows, particulary one that involves money and divorce.   Face it, Kate does nothing but bitch on camera, and off camera, and poor Jon get tired of it.   But, at $100,000 per show, he could have put up with her a little while longer.  Don’t underestimate TLC though.  Kate could be one hell of a catch on a new reality show called “Kate Plus 8 is Looking for a Date,” but not when she’s dragging that fat ass and a bunch of screaming kids along.  She’s just not hot enough to deal with, unless some of that 100 large per show is part of the plan.   If it is, let the begging begin.


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