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This May 2009 image provided by the Brooklyn District Attorney's office shows 10:00 pm

Of Course I’m Impersonating My Dead Mother.  Who Else is Going to Cash her Social Security Checks?-  There are some really goofy people in the world today who do their damnedest to impersonate a rock God or movie star.  You go to Vegas and there’s 20 Elvis wannabes trying to get an upgrade on their rooms or some comps for the stinky old breakfast buffet.  In Atlantic City a slew of multi-colored Michael Jacksons dressed from head to toe in red and black leather moonwalk up and down the strip singing songs while pandandling for change.  In New York city there’s always a dude dressing up as a lady just so he go into a bank and pull a fast one for some quick cash, but this guy took it one sick step further.

Irene Prusik has been dead for six years. But in April, someone showed up at the DMV in Brooklyn to renew her driver’s license.  In a sick twist of psychosis it turned out that the woman was really her idiotic son, in drag.  Thomas Parkin, 49, was charged Wednesday in a seriously weird scam to impersonate his deceased mother so he could collect $117,000 in government checks.  He and his parnter, Mhilton Rimolo, pleaded not guilty to grand larceny, criminal impersonation and general tomfoolery.   Parkin, who lived with his mother, was accused of hatching the scheme after she passed away six years at age 73.   He managed to hide her death by forging her death certificate, then collected $52,000 from her $700-a-month Social Security checks since then.  The New York City narcs on the case say he also got another $65,000 in rent subsidies by falsely claiming he had a disability and that his mother was his landlord.  Rimolo to posed as the mother’s nephew when going to cash checks so he got busted too.  A security camera photo from the DMV office shows a frail-looking Parkin in a wig and dark glasses, Rimolo by his side, as he fills out some random forms that nobody bothered to check for legitamacy.

Smart no, crazy yes.  Parkin later claimed after being arrested that because he held his mothers hand when she breathed her last breath, he became her in body and soul, literally, though what a crock.  “I am my mother in every sense of the word.  I’m wearing her make-up, shoes and her old clothes.  Plus, I have a set of rubber boobs glued to my chest and I tied my junk up in a knot with some fishing line, so I guess I can be considered a woman in that way too” (

Parkin didn’t do his homework though.  He was already involved in a court case from 2003 when his mother’s home was snagged for foreclosure.   Afterwards he sued the bank and had his evicton postponed til last week when the law finally figured out his mother was dead.  By that time those rotten fed bastards were just waiting around at the bank laughing their nads off till Parkin showed up for a check cashing session wearing a rattty old red cardigan, pink lipstick and sporting fake everything.  He even went the extra nine yards and had an oxygen tank strapped to his side, but the fake rack, man hands and 5 o’clock shadow on his face and arms gave him away right off the bat.  In a matter of seconds the jig was up and Parkin and his pal were busted.  Don’t take off the fale wig and boobs buddy.  You’ll find they’re going to come in really handy in prison.


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