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I Don’t Care What the Court Says I’m Still Obsessed with Rabbits-  Have you ever met one of those absurd whackos who is totally obsessed with their pets?  You know the ones in question.  They drive all over town with their dog or cat all tucked away safely next to them in a special pet seat that cost like $150 at  As if that’s not enough there’s also those ridiculous custom made outfits that makes Feefee or Fido look like a polished cub scout or pretty ballerina and yes, wearing that cheap junk pisses them off.  Don’t forget the really affectionate owners who kiss their hairy friends on the mouth and let them sit at the dinner table like one little weirdly happy family.  Sure, it’s freaking strange to love your pet this way, but that’s pale in comparison to the Bunny Lady from Oregon who violated parole by shacking up with a bunch of smelly rodents in a hotel room.

Yep, the “Bunny Lady” is back in the proverbial fluck hutch after violating a court order that prohibited her from owning rabbits for five years.  Miriam Sakewitz, 47, was arrested the other day, again,  at a hotel near her home after an employee saw wild rabbits screwing like mad in her room.  County probation officer Bob Severe said “Sakewitz did undergo a court-ordered mental evaluation but aside from learning she was just plain nuts and prescribing some good old fashioned quaaludes, no other treatment was ordered.  I though she was back living in Clackamas County so I have no idea what the hell she was doing in a hotel room with all those rabbits.  That’s just plain nuts” (

The first time around she was placed on five years probation, banned from owning or controlling animals and was told not to go within 100 yards of a rabbit, even a stuffed one in a toy store.   After that, she completely slipped under the weirdo radar and was never heard from till now.  Mental health case workers checked her house occasionally and found it rabbit-free, but they must have forgot about the room she was renting outside of town.  If they would have went there they would have found that she was a total fruitcake who blatanly defied a court order and started playing house with few hundred bunnies all over again.  Slap that freak in a straight jacket and ship her off to the nuthouse with the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy and every other figment of our imaginations.  Maybe then she’ll get a clue.


~ by the115 on 06/18/2009.

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