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I got Busted for Smoking Weed but I’m Still Gettin Paid-  Boy, you gotta love it when the whole friggin world comes down on a media darling for doing something stupid in public.  It’s almost like famous people are constantly being held to a higher standard for their actions, even though they’re no different than anyone else.  Wild Bill Clinton was damn near impeached because White House reporters found out he played a little tonsil hockey with a fat-ass intern who was just begging for some attention.  Jose Conseco is about to serve some federal prison time because he was caught trying to smuggle gonadotropin across the border in Mexico while wearing a dress.  But those two cases aren’t anything special when compared to what Olympic medalist Michael Phelps got away with.  He was caught red-handed toking on a water bong, banned from international competition for three months, and he lost lots of money from his sponsors.  But, it’s a one-up (yours) situation for he and the rest of the pot-smoking counterculture because he got re-signed to a fat new endorsement deal, AND he’s still getting paid.

The 14-time Olympic gold medal winner lucked out big time and just landed a multiyear mega gig with H2O Audio, a produce of quality waterproof headphones and accessories located in San Diego, the heart of  California’s illegal canabis grow ops.  The company said that Phelps will consult on product development and marketing gimmicks.  His picture and stoner’s voice will be used on packaging,  advertisements and retail display during campaign launching this summer, dude.  “Dudes and Dudettes.  H2O Audio products rock.  Spend a few quid and buy some. They’re tasty” (

Phelps believes music has been a major thumbs up in his training and every day life, most notably during rounds of bong hits.  He always listens to music on his iPod as he walks on the pool deck before a race, and after he smokes up.  Other H2O Audio spokespeople are are Olympic hottie and fellow swimmer Natalie Coughlin and surfer dude Laird Hamilton (they must be stoners too).  Some of Phelps’ other endorsement deals weren’t renewed after a photo of him pulling a tube popped up on the internet.  His suspension by USA Swimming ended in May, after which time he’s still smoking pot.  You can take a stoner swimmer out of water, but you can’t take a water bong from stoner swimmer.  That makes sense, right?


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