The Daily Habit: Politics

Former Democratic Louisiana congressman William Jefferson, left, waves to 9:12 pm

You Found $90000 in My Freezer and Now You’re Going to Bust Me for Bribery?-  Politicians, politicians, politicians.  When will they learn that you can’t be a crook while in office and get away with it.  Our beloved Jim Trafficant from Ohio who often said “Beam me up, Scottie” in sessions of congress when he got pissed, learned the hard way and did a nickle in the federal slammer for extoring money and favors.  Recently Rowdy Roddy Blagojevich joined the ranks of rats on the take when he tried to pimp out Barack Obama’s seat on the senate.  He hasnt’ been found guilty, yet, but he’s got a snowball’s chance in Tahiti of being acquitted on those charges.  Then there’s a former congressman who got caught with cold, hard cash on his person, and boy is he going to pay for it.

The $90,000 in cash found in the freezer of a former Lousiana congressman Wiliam Jefferson is hard to dispute. He’s accused of taking bribes is evidence of nothing more than a failed FBI sting  his lawyer said.  Prosecutors say he received more than $500,000 and sought millions more in exchange for using his influence to broker business deals in Africa.  Yes, Africa of all places.  There’s no dispute that in July 2005, FBI agents videotaped Jefferson at a northern Virginia hotel receiving a handjob from a hooker and a suitcase with $100,000 in cash from a snitch.  Pretty much all of that amount of that was found a day later in Jefferson’s freezer, wrapped in aluminum foil and stuffed in sweet potato pie crust.

There is also no disputing that the money was part of an FBI sting set out to nab Jefferson. But there are some questions what he was to do with the money.  Prosecutors told the jury that Jefferson intended to use the money to pay a bribe to the then-vice president of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar, to secure a multimillion dollar telecommunications deal there.  They also said he planned on buying a fleet of Cadillacs, a rib joint, some tube socks and an old ass boat that won’t float.  The rest was going in his sock drawer for a rainy day.  Of course that crook Jefferson denies the allegations.  The fact that he never paid the bribe as the FBI anticipated suggests a hole in the government’s case.  “It shows he did not bribe the vice president of Nigeria or Zimbabwe, whoever he was,” Trout told the jury. “The evidence shows he didn’t do it.  Well, maybe he did look like he was bribing the guy, but he was only asking to change a shitload of small bills” (

Trout admitted that Jefferson did something “really stupid” in agreeing to accept the $100,000 in cash from the cooperating witness who approached the FBI after becoming concerned that she was being cheated in business deals brokered by Jefferson.  Jefferson and his wife had more than $60,000 in credit card debt, more than $40,000 in fees for bouncing checks all over town,  and he  paying for Ivy League educations for his five daughters.   Well then.  With that kind of monkey on his back, it’s no wonder he decided to get paid the old fashioned way.  Make a deal, take a bribe, then lie like hell when you’re caught on tape, just like everyone else on The Hill.


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  1. Idealizing politics is bad. It’s always just politics as usual…unfortunately.

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