The Daily Habit: Weird News

 10:35 pm

Star Light, Star Bright, I Got Hit in the Face with a Meteorite-  Sometimes, when it’s late at night and the sky is clear, do you ever take a walk outside to admire the heavens?  It’s one of those perfect evenings when the stars are so bright and clear that you can’t believe it’s not a dream.  You get caught up in the moment and stare at the vast magnificence of space, then something truly amazing takes place: You are one of only a handfull of lucky people who get to witness a falling meteorite travelling towards Earth at the speed light, then a piece breaks free ever so gently and hits you right in the frigging head.

A 14-year old German kid was hit in the headd by huge piece of meteorite that scared the living crap out of him and left a nasty scar.   Astronomersanalyzed the rock and conclude it was indeed a natural object from space.   Most meteors vaporize in the atmosphere and form shooting stars  that never make it to the Earth’s surface. The few that do are typically made of metals, but not this one.  It was just plain rock.  “When that friggin hot rock it hit me in frigging head it richoted off and was still going fast enough to imbed itself into the concrete,” said Gerrit Blank, the lad who was stuck.  “I thought the guy across the street sucker punched me for pillaging his wife, but it wasn’t him”  (

There are many reports of homes and cars being struck by falling meteorites or other bits of random space debris, and many cases of space rocks streaking to the surface and later found.   But human strikes are rare, andt here are no known instances of humans being killed by space rocks, but this kid sure got his head knocked off.  Serves him right.  He shouldn’t have been staring into space anyway.  Star light, star bright, a falling piece of space debris I see tonight. I hope I may, I hope I might, get hit in the freaking face by a meteorite.







~ by the115 on 06/12/2009.

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