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I Went Deap Sea Fishing and all I Caught Was A Rusty Old Bomb-  With the current state of affairs in the US, everybody in the beach tourism industry is hurting in one way or another.  Bad investments have turned even the smallest of business owners on the heels, and many have long since got the hell out of the hot sand  and ran for dear life.  Hotel owners are giving rooms away, boardwalk carnival workers are letting all of the suckers win every time, and boobs are flying in all of the diver bars as t-shirts are now optional in the wet t-shirt contests.  Hell, it’s so bad that commercial fisherman are keeping everything they catch, including a highly explosive bomb hauled in on a K-mart rod and reel.

Recently in Medeira Beach, Florida, a commercial fisherman proudly displayed a magnificent catch when he returned from a long lining trip to the Gulf of Mexico:  A rustly old bomb missile dropped from an F-15 fighter jet.  The captain hooked the missile about 50 miles off the coast of Panama City and then like a total moron kept it on his boat for like a freakin week and a half.   He was really hoping to drag it home and keep it as a souvenir in his basement, but took precautions because he didn’t know if it was a dud or the real deal.  “I had it tied down pretty good with some light-weight fishing line and I kept it cool,” he said, adding that he packed it with ice. “I knew it was dangerous but what the hell?  It’s been under water for like 50 years so who the hell thought it could have blown me to kingdom come?” (

Local bomb experts first said the old missle was live and unstable, but one of the ballsy lads who defused later said it was a dud with absolutely no chance of going off and maming anyone nearby. Still, the MacDill Air Force Base Bomb Squad inspected and dismantled it anyway.  When it was determined to be just  pile of rusty metal the goofball who caught it  said he had allegedly seen other missiles in the same general rea and asked if he could keep his catch once it was defused, but they said hell no.  This guy gets a bad case of buck fever and calls out the Navy and Coast Guard after he catches a beat up old rocket from the turn of the century.  The military guys get stiff because they live for dangerous moments like this and things get escalated to def-con 6 pronto, then they find out they wasted their friggin time because some idiot fisherman made a big deal about an archaic missile that was rusting away on the ocean floor for the past 60 years.  After all of this is said and done, at the tax payer’s expense, the guy still has the balls to ask if he could have it.   Sure, why not?  Just don’t sell it to North Korea on Ebay.


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