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Hey Carrie Prejean, I’m Donand Trump and You’re Fired- Geezus.  What do you beauty queens really have to do to be crowned the coveted Miss California?  Does it come to a performing a mock commercial on live tv and doing some hokey magic tricks that never work?  Could it involve strutting around stage in a see-through bathing suit  and pumps, or maybe it all comes down to pulling out the knee pads in Donald Trump’s office.  The answer to all of the above is an easy yes.  But what just what the hell do you have to do to to have your crown stripped by Donal Trump?  That’s easier.  Display your views about homosexuality and say gay marriage sucks on national tv, just like Carrie Prejean.

Prejean, who pissed off all the gays at the Miss American Pageant when she took a stand against same-sex marriage, has been fired as Miss California for violating her contract.  Allegedly, Prejean, who nearly lost her Miss California crown last month following the gay marriage crack and revelations that she showed her boobs for the cameras in high school, choked when it came time to follow through with her duties.   The Donald, who originally backed her despite the uproar over her same-sex marriage remarks and racy photos, co-signed her dismissal.   “I told Carrie she needed to quit showing her tits and ass all over town and get back honoring her contract with the Miss California USA organization” Trump said in the statement.  “Unfortunately it just doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.  “Carrie is a beautiful young woman and I wish her well as she pursues other interests, but I had to fire her for f!$!ing everything up” (

Prejean’s remarks at the Miss USA pageant came after judge and known Hollywood Fairy Prince Perez Hilton asked her if every U.S. state should legalize gay marriage.  She basically said that she wasn’t into any weird shit and felt marriage should between a man and a woman period, but she was screwed for speaking her mind.   Prejean defended her answer while hosting “Fox and Friends” program recentl and said her position was similar to that taken by President Barack Obama.  So, if a black president who won the election by a staggering deficit thinks that marriage should be between a dude and a chick then it should be.  Who cares what that perv Donald Trump thinks anyway?  He needs to cut that ridiculous wig, dump the stupid red tie and fire himself for being a borish prick.  


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