The Daily Habit: Weird News

Go to fullsize image Donald Crabtree, owner of the Grand View Topless Coffee Shop, right, joined by 9:58 pm

Help Rebuild the Grandview Topless Coffee Shop- With times being so tough financially, many Americans are cutting back on the sins of life more and more each day.   No more $13 chai lattes at Starbucks, absolutely no more happy endings at the “Me Love You Long Time” massage parlor, and of course the $100 a day blow habit will be cut back to $95.  But, there’s always  a few bucks stashed aside for special needs like the new kegorator raffle at the VFW, a few cases of peanut butter Girl Scout cookies, and the rebuilding fund for the neighborhood topless coffee bar.

The owner of a Maine topless coffee shop burned to the ground by asronists says he plans to have scantily clothed waitresses collect donations in the parking lot to raise money for a new building.  Under town zoning laws the owner would need a new permit to to temporarily run his business from a run down trailer on the property.   He said “hell yeah”  to that one so he’s going to set up a tent and have employees give out hand jobs, free doughnuts and gourmet coffee next to a collection jar in which  he’s bound to get a boatload of donations (

Strangely enough the placed was torched just hours after the owner talked with local officials about making the business more like a strip club with total nudity and pay for sex services.  The threw down some cheap beer and bunch of rails, a bag of money changed hands, then the day’s business was concluded without a hitch.  They figured why not since were the ones in charge.  And, most important, none of the wives were putting out a home on a consistent basis.  The plan was foolproof, until some dumb ass burned the place to the ground.  Now they’ll have to drive a good two hours into Canuckland just for a cup of coffee and a round of cocknballs with a topless waitress, ay?


~ by the115 on 06/07/2009.

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