The Daily Habit: Religion

Ken Pagano, pastor of New Bethel Church in Louisville, Kentucky, talks, 10:22 pm

The Lord is my Shepherd and He Told Me to Carry A Gun- There’s a lot of sin in the world today and for some the only salvation is going to church and rejoicing in the  Good Lord.  Some go to confess their sins, others go to pray for guidance.  In the long run it all comes down to having a compassionate man of the cloth to help you find the path to glory.  A preaching man must know the Bible, have faith in the scriptures, and he has to have a fiery voice to deliver the Lord’s message.  If he speaks the truth, they will come.  This pastor is a little bit different though.  He does encourage the congregation to come to church every Sunday with the Good Book in one hand, and a bright and shiny pistol in the other.

A Kentucky pastor ist trying some new recruiting tactics for the summer holidays this year by inviting his flock to bring guns to church to celebrate the Fourth of July, and the Second Amendment.  The New Bethel Church is welcoming “responsible gun owners” to wear their favorite firearms inside the church in a few weeks.  A community flyer mentions there will be a patriotic hymns, a slide show on gun safety, and a raffle for a 40 caliber Glock.  “We’re just going to celebrate the upcoming theme of the birth of our nation gangster syle,” said pastor Ken Pagano. “And we’re not ashamed to say that there was a strong belief in God around here, and firearms, and without both we wouldn’t be here to continue the tradition.   Sure, guns are dangerous and they can kill, for the most part.  In our little congregation they’re welcome, but they have to be unloaded, so beware.  Our nuns are also packing in this church, and they will frisking people at the door” (

He said recent church shootings, including the killing of an abortion provider in Kansas, highlight the need to promote safe gun ownership.  Kentucky allows residents to openly carry guns in public, but owners toting a concealed weapon, or weapons, must have state-issued permits and can’t take them to schools, jails, bars,  brothels or other places where people might get ballsy after slamming down some cheap booze and menthol cigarettes, both local favorites.    Pagano’s Protestant church has become wildly popular with the local rednecks late as some 150 new people showed up last Sunday to worship and shoot guns.  The former Marine and handgun instructor said he expected some tight asses to bitch, but hasn’t heard too many complaints.

Pagano is encouraging church members to bring a canned good and a friend to the event, along with a favorite pistol or sawed-off shotgun, but they must be unloaded for insurance purposes and safety reasons.  He said the point was not to mix worship with guns, though he may reference some passages from the Bible.  His main objective is to preach peace, love, and pistol practice because you never know when some street punk might get stupid.  Walk quietly, praise the lord, and carry a big-ass hammer in your pants.  The Lord is my shepherd, and he told me to carry a gun.


~ by the115 on 06/05/2009.

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