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Hey Georgie I Didn’t Talk Smack but You Ain’t My Goddamn Brother  Isn’t it funny how little America has heard about chimpboy Georgie Bush since he was booted out of office a few months back?  Sure, he caused a ruckus when he moved into his new gated community home but despite some pissed off neighbors and a few burned bags of poop on his front porch, the whole Bush camp was silent.  Well, it was quiet till a few days ago when that jackass had the nerve to call out Wild Bill Clinton in front of a politcal forum up in Canuckland but the ex-prez flipped him a weird grin and kept on walking.

Bush called Clinton his brother” and said the two rarely disagreed during his failure as president. The Republican and Democratic ex-presidents defended each other at a Toronto forum on Friday, pissing off some in the crowd of 6,000 who expected a verbal slapping of Bushie.  Bush said that he never liked it when previous administration officials criticized his government but said Clinton was respectful and never did, because everyone already knew what a screw up he was so why bother kicking a dead horse?  Bush declined to criticize the Obama administration, in contrast to that Dick Cheney, who has been bigmouth since he was excommunicated.   Bush just laughed and said “Oh that Dick, Cheney, he’s a goofy won who is still stayeeng the course.  There’s plenty of hippocritics in America and they’re a better shot than Dick.  Just don’t go hunting with any of them” (;_ylt=AgdvdFna9hJ1mqBYpVZgj1XqGL8C;_ylu=X3oDMTM2dXFoaDNnBGFzc2V0Ay9hcC8yMDA5MDUzMC9hcF9vbl9yZV9jYS9jbl9jYW5hZGFfYnVzaF9jbGludG9uBGNwb3MDNARwb3MDNARzZWMDeW5fdG9wX3N0b3JpZXMEc2xrA2J1c2hjYWxsc2NsaQ).

Bush joked about how much time his father  and Clinton spend together doing all kinds of weird things.  He said his mother thinks he’s like a son to her because they spend so much time together.  Even though Georgie’s pissed that Bill might get a bigger cut of the will, when the time came to make an ass out of himself in front of a group of people he said “So brother, it’s good to see you.”  Bill just stood there stunned and wanted to say “Hey George, number one, I didn’t criticize your cabinet publically, but I did slander you daily in  privage.  Two, I’m not your goddamn brother.  Three, Your dad sucks at golf and I’m getting  all of his money anyway, bitch,”  but he didn’t.  He just flashed a silly smile and walked off to inhale some marijuna in the men’s room.



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