The Daily Habit: Olympics

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I Won an Olympic Gold in Kayaking  Then You Nab Me for Selling X?- Oh, the life of the Olympic athlete.  They get to travel the globe free of charge, chicks are always wanting to bang them, and if they’re lucky enough they can make some tasty change doing promos and repping products.  But, if you get too greedy, it can catch up with you pretty quickly, then it’s all down hill from there.  Just ask that pothead Michael Phelps and his buddy the Canadian dude who had his medal taken away, then returned, for buring the kern. Then of course you have that archery dummy Justin Whoisit or something who was nabbed growing copious amounts of chronic in his basement.  Those three look like boyscouts when compared to that Australian kayaker who won a silver medal, then got nabbed for selling a shitload of ecstasy.

Australian Olympic silver medalist and former world kayaking champion Nate “buy a bag” Baggaley faces a 20 years sting after copping a plea for supplying and manufacturing ecstasy pills.   Baggaley, who won two silver medals at the 2004 Athens Olympics, pleaded guilty to the sale of 1,509 tablets  of really good x in late 2007.  He and his younger brother, “take two” Dru, have been taken advantage of for the past 18 months in federal prison following their arrest in November of that year.  Oddly enough Baggaley won Olympic silver medals in the K1 and K2 over 500 meters at Athens. He also won gold medals in the K1 class at world championships in 2002, 2003 and 2005 (

Baggaley tested positive for banned steroids, stanozolol and methindione, in September 2005 and then positive for oxys and weed two months later, and subsequently banned shortly thereafter for 15 months by the Australian Canoe Federation.  The suspension was extended to two years by the International Canoe Federation because they’re such stern pricks, and he was barred from competing at the Beijing Olympics by the IOC last year because of the trafficking charges, and because they’re even bigger pricks than the canoe guys. 

WTF?  First the guy is  some kind of wierd hero for winning a bunch of medals for paddling a pointy boat around a pool, then he’s enemy number uno after getting busted for selling rolls, lots of them to boot.  Give the guy a break. He’s one of the many professional athletes who competes in a  worthless spectator sport that nobody watches so it’s not like he’s making bank on major endoresments.  Cut him loose, look the other way, and let him bring joy to all of the rollers down under.  If you don’t there just going to buy it from somebody else.


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