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I Divorced Mel Gibson Because He Knocked Up Some Whore- Scandal, scandal, scandal.  Hollywood is full of it and players in the entertainment game all have something to hide.  You got Gary Busey passing out at Lookout Point with an 8 ball in his underpants.  Tommy Lee is off making internet pornos with random chicks he picks up off the street.  And, Britney is dragging K-Fed around on her currect world tour and she’s footing the bill.  Good news travels fast, bad news travels faster, and sin sells every time.  But, it really sucks when you get called out on Leno and have to tell the whole friggin world your wife divorced you because you accidentally knocked up some whore.

The anti-semitic Mel Gibson shared some scandalous news on Jay Leno’s final week as “Tonight” show host.  Apparently he knocked up his 39-year-old girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva and not only does he have to tell the whole world about it on tv, but now he’s stuck marrying her.  This paralyzing announcement comes only six weeks after Gibson’s wife got tired of his shit and filed for divorce .   The former couple have seven children together but they’ve been on the rocks for three long years during which time both of them slepped around, only he was smart enough to buy a love glove(

 The ex-Mrs. Mad Max cited irreconcilable differences in her April 13 divorce petition to end their marriage of 28 years, but who wouldn’t?  Gibson us a raving lunatic who can’t handle his licquor.  In the past fews years he’s been in rare form and the old lady got fed up and told him to beat it.   He made pizza oven jokes to a jew cop who busted him for a dui, he got drunk and punched a camera man in the face on two different occasions, he went on a a week long coke bender while making a film in South America, and just recently he knocked up some sexy foreign tart who’s half his age.  What more could you want?  On a positive note, he did get rid of the same old 28 year old crackers and to celebrate her departure bought an island for $15 million just to piss her off.  Sure, he’s a 53 year old man with a brand new  kid who’s young enough to be his grandson, but at least he’s still getting laid at his age. 


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