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My Girlfriend Was The One Driving Dunk and You Bust me for Throwing Poop?- Have you every had one of those nights where you got so drunk you completely lost all track of time and actions.  It’s like everything is total  blur after you did those 3 footers and drank a case of warm, cheap beer.  Even your buddies were like “whoa, dude, you sooooo wasted, even for you, dude” in between shots and bubbler sessions.   Throw that in with some prescripton drugs and your girlfriend getting busted for drunk driving  and things can get really blurry.  Only thing is you can’t run from the cops when you’re totally wasted, and you sure as hell can’t go to the can in the police station and start throwing shit around.

A South Jersey man is in deep shit, no pun intended, for allegedly making a mess inside a police station. Police said 24-year-old Jason Detora was at the station early Sunday with his girlfriend, 22-year-old girlfriend who go nabbed for DUI.  Apprently she’d gone to pick him up at a bar where he drank all of his money away and came up short on the final tab.   Once he figured he couldn’t get away, Detora went into the men’s room, shat on the floor, smeared it all over on the walls and ceiling, then set fire to all of the paper products within reach (;_ylt=AgflCHyMxZvZrv.Py6afKIFxFb8C).

Detora is being held at the Camden County lockup while he’s waiting arraignment on arson and criminal mischief charges, though they have him all tied in a straight jacket so he can’t start playing with shit.  Sure, he got away with slapping a few people around at some local dive bar, but shit isn’t getting thrown around this jail.  The two no-neck goons guarding his cell are just waiting for the moment when he starts taking off his pants to drop a bomb on the jailhouse floor.  Then they’re going to kick the door in and teach him a lesson he won’t soon forget.  It’s cool to go out drinking and driving with your girlfriend, but don’t be throwing shit afterwards.   around the jail if you get busted.


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