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These Dudes Never Get A Second Date- Are you one of those guys who just can’t figure out why the hell you can’t get laid, or even why you can’t convince a chick to go out with you more than once?  Could it be that you’re a total slob who sleeps till noon then lays around the house all goddamn day?  Is your old man constantly bitching about the grass needing cut or the frigging garbage that’s piling up behind the shed?  If so, you have some  major issues that need addressed immediately Francis.  If you want to trick a chick into being with you play it smooth, but don’t be one of these dudes.

1. The Puppy Dog- Fetch, bitch, fetch.  That’s about what it comes down to Rover, now roll over.

2.  The Incessant Flatterer-.  “Yes, your ass, no your ass doesn’t look fat in those pants and the meat on your feet is not bunching out of your shoes.”

3.  The Edgeless Dude- Peep cams in your bathroom and mirrors on your shoes is a total give away.

4.  The Over Gusher-  That truckload of roses for a 10 second hand job was a bit much psycho.

5.  The Nice Guy Finishes Last- You finished last because you’re a total loser.  Grow some balls son.  (;_ylc=X3oDMTQxZmdwaGZxBF9TAzI3MTYxNDkEX3MDMjE0MjIzOTY3MgRrA0d1eXMgV2hvIERvbiYjMzk7dCBHZXQgdGhlIDJuZCBEYXRlBHNlYwNmcF90b2RheQRzbGsDZGF0aW5nLTEwMS1ndXlzLXRoYXQtZG9udC1nZXQtdGhlLTJuZC1kYXRlBHp6A2FiYw).

It’s like this fellas, if you are any of these types of dudes, and hope to Geezus you’re not, wake up and smell the rubber doll on your finger.  Chicks absolutely cannot stand a puppy dog bitch who flatters them day long about this and that.  They hate small, sentive, boring guys who walk around opening their gum for them and finish last in just about everything.  With this being the reality of it all, you’re probably never going to get a second date unless, of course, you have a boatload of money and are stupid enough to feed it to her dollar by dollar.  If you are, drag it out as long as you can because once it’s gone you’re back to sqare one fool.


~ by the115 on 05/21/2009.

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