The Daily Habit: Weird News

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WTF? I Got A DUI for Eating Cereal?- How many times have you read the news or watched tv and saw where some random dumb ass got arrested for doing something utterly ridiculous.  There’s that crazy guy who parachutes into professional sporting events then gets his ass kicked by everybody on the field.  You also have those half-wits who try to rob a 7-11 with a rubber gun and a pair of panty hose pulled over their heads.  Things quickly go south when they find out that Mujibar, the guy behind the counter, is a black belt in some ancient Indian fighting style and he isn’t taking any shit that day.  But have you heard about the guy who got busted for a DUI involing a motor vehicle and a bowl of soggy cereal?

A Massachusetts man who was stopped last week for driving like a maniac was eating a bowl of cereal while he drove to work.   One of Boston’s finest said the 48-year-old man, whose name was not released, was also driving with an expired license and he had some weed in the glove compartment.  The man was charged for unlicensed operation, failure to stay in any lane, operating to endanger others and putting Captain Crunch at risk of injury, but the cop kept the contraband for himself so there were no posssession charges.

The nab didn’t know what kind of cereal the driver was eating but when he asked the driver why he was eating cereal and driving all over the damn road, the perp said “I was hungry.  I was out all night drinking and doing blow so it took a while for me to get up and shower this morning.  I didn’t have time to cook my breakfast so I just shoved a bowl of cereal and some milk in my briefcase and took off.  If I would have known I was going to get busted for DUI I would have just eaten that shit at home” (;_ylt=AkOPd9_nXjBh_mUqgIN24zlxFb8C).

Wow.  Busted for driving while eating cereal on the way to work.  That doesn’t even sound legal.  You have crooks like Bernie Madoff and George W. Bush robbing the American people hand over fist, or at least they were a few months ago, and they got away scott free.  Well, Bush did, but Madoff  will be enjoying some man-love in federal prison until the day he dies.  How is it that guys like that can do whatever they please, but the regular joes get snagged for driving under the influece of corn flakes?  Only in America.  Snap, crackle and you’re popped.


~ by the115 on 05/20/2009.

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