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Don’t Be Fronting. Kanyeezy Doesn’t Twitter-  Man, Kanye West just doesn’t like anyone, does he?  It’s like he’s always bitching about this guy or that girl, or how the paparazzi are always bugging him.  First he complained to an MTV audience about how George Bush hated black people and did nothing in New Orleans.  Then he had beef with Puffy because P. Diddly had his own tv show and Kanyeezy didn’t.  Now poor little Kanye is crying the blues, again, because he doesn’t like people frontin, and he wants to make it perfectly clear that he ain’t tryin to Twitter.

In his bitchy little blog , the whiny rapper slammed the micro-blogging site for allowing users to set up accounts under fake names (yeah, like nobody uses fake names when they sent up an online account Kanye).  Mr. West called on the site to take down the user tweeting bullshit under his name.  Because he’s the self-professed Jesus of Hip Hop, Twitter buckled under pressure and listened.  The Twitter user, also named KanyeWest, was booted Wednesday. The site doesn’t allow impersonation, but does allow parody impersonations clearly meant as a joke, and we all know Kanye is a joke.   Either way, Kanyizzle doesn’t plan to get a membership.  He said he’s “too damn busy trying to be being creative, most of the time, when he’s not bitching about everything, and that he doesn’t need any more of Twitters bullshit” (

Celebrity Twitter accounts have been a fact of life for the rapidly growing Twitter, and for every other web site on the palent, but the tools at Twitter says they’re trying to fix the glitch.  Twitter co-founder Biz Stone said that Twitter is looking at how to create an account verification system, but he and the reast of the pirates at Twitter really don’t care about too much about it or Kanye either.   And why the hell should  they?  Who greally gives a flying screw about what name a person uses as an id for online account info?  There are a ton of KANYWESTIS A DICK usnernames out there on MySpace and plenty more KANYEIS A BITCH  passwords on Facebook.  Face it Kanyeyo.  Nobody cares if you Twitter, or pass out on the shitter.  140 words or less about your life really isn’t that interesting.


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