The Daily Habit: Psychology

 11:26 pm

7 Ways to Bore a Chick to Death- Are you one of those really simple dudes who has nothing better to do an a Saturday other than to alphabatize your toe nail collection?  Do you spend most of your free time away from the morgue playing The Empire Strikes Back with a 14 year old kid from Pakistan named Jugdish?  Or, are you so desparate for love you bought a rubber chick named Heather and married her in the basement of your mom’s house with your Star Wars figurines as guests of the bride and groom.  If your answer was anything close to a yes, then you’re one weird fella who’s never getting laid.  Here are 7 topics of conversation that are certain to bore a chick to death.

1. A dream about a light sabre battle with Darth Vader.
2. The recent changes in your sleep habits because your new Star Wars jammies were itchy.
3. The route you took to get to her house on your Segway people transporter.
4. An excellent meal you once had at a Star Wars Convention.
5. The latest additions to your Star Wars Figurine collection.
6. An account of your last game of The Empire Strikes Back online with Jugdish.
7. The plot of a every Star Wars movie or book, the creepy parts in particular. (

So, now you’re going to ask yourself what could these totally awesome indiosynchrasies could have in common, other than they’re all Star Wars related.  That’s simple, you’re a total dork and you bore chicks to death.  Move out of your mom’s cellar, get a real job where you don’t wear a funny hat and play with toys all day, then get a clue.  Once you do you might get a woman, or at least one that’s just as boring and lonely as you.


~ by the115 on 05/14/2009.

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