The Daily Habit: Television

FILE - In this May 10, 2004 file photo, Jon Gosselin reacts, during a news 11:59 pm

Big Friggin Deal. Jon Cheated on Kate Plus 8–  Oh, the crazy things that reality tv stars do to get press.  They know they’re low on Hollyweird’s pecking order so they figure what the fluck, why not do something really stupid to ruin the reputation of  their show.  Paula Abdul got all boo hoo when it was discovered she had a  love jones for pain killers.  Vern “Mini Me”  got paid a prince’s ransom every time his  home-grown midget porn was viewed on the internet.  The clowns on American Chopper went to see a shrink after Senior told Junior to beat it.  But here’s one even better.   All American dad Jon from Kate Plus Eight got caught creeping but it’s no big friggin deal.

 Gosselin has denied cheating on wife Kate, but he said he’s sorry for creating that impression.  Gosselin was speaking out against tabloid reports that he’s had an affair with some bimbo from Pennsylvania. Photos of Gosselin and the woman have surfaced in recent weeks.  After getting busted on film, he did admit to spending time with friends of both sexes, including the woman who he already boned.  “I need to be more careful and aware of who I am associating with and where I am spending my time,” said Gosselin, who apologized for putting his family ” in an awkward position.  “I know I probably shouldn’t have been hanging out with those hookers at Hooters, and getting photographed naked with one of them definitely wasn’t a  good idea, but what the hell?  I have a bitch of a wife and 8 screaming kids so why can’t daddy just get some “me” time without it making the news”  (;_ylt=Aga.xc8xO9cybAxAlpCfiHFxFb8C).

Kate, who has been unsuccessfully promoting her latest book, “Eight Little Faces: A Mom’s Journey,” has cut back on press since the pics of her husband and that tramp made press.  She canceled an interview with The Associated Press two days before a scheduled interview, but who wouldn’t?   Her husband was bascially caught on camera with another woman, and her ditry laundry was hung out to dry in the national media.  But, maybe she deserved it.  If you’ve seen the show, you’d feel for sorry old Jon Jon.  He has a fat wife who hasn’t seen her feet in 8 years, and 8 brats who do nothing but run around screaming all day.  Knowing that he’s going to be stuck with such a rotten deal for the next 20 or 30 years he said screw it.  He is cheating on Kate plus 8, but it’s no big deal.


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