The Daily Habit: Television

FILE - In this March 5, 2009 file photo,  7:12 pm

American Idol or Painkiller Princess- Wow, the life of a Hollywood starlet must be exhausting in every sense of the word.  There’s filming on Monday, two photo shoots on Tuesday, talk shows all day Wednesday and Thursday, and of course it’s tanning and tennis at the club on Friday, right after the AA meeting and session with the shrink.   Mix that stress in with the paparazzi, obsessed fans, stalkers, spongers, family and other run of the mill weirdos and you start to wonder if it’s really worth it.  Some would say yes, it’s great to be an American Idol, but how the hell do you get away from all of that and still have time to function?  You don’t, that’s why you get hooked on prescription drugs and play the role of a painkiller princess.

Hottie Paula Abdul recently said she overcame a 12-year addiction to painkillers last year. The “American Idol” judge explained that she checked into a resort and spa in Carlsbad, Calif., where she weaned herself off her medications last Thanksgiving.   The 46-year-old singer-dancer had suffered for years from chronic pain caused by an unusual series of accidents while dancing with the stars.  But, she ovecame her evil addictions and says “I have moved forward with my life, though I still pop an occasional oxy once in a while, and of course there’s a small dose of Vicadin each morning with white chai lattes” (

So be it the life of a Hollywood tv queen, but who really cares?  Paula Abul is a hottie, a serious hottie for going on 50, so she can do what she likes.  Everybody, yes everybody in show biz has a drug problem, or an alcohol problem, or they have an alcohol and drug problem.  It’s part of the game of getting by for a fleeting moment in time and if you play you gotta pay.  There’s no way out once you’re in and the cameras are always in your face.  American Idol, Painkiller Princess, or both?  Just depends on the day, and if Simon is being an asshole before the show.


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