The Daily Habit: College Culture

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I Played Naked Frisbee at Orgeon State-  If you went to a division I college, you could always get drunk and go find a sporting event to attend with all of your friends.  On one field at Penn State there was a women’s field hockey tournie with tons of hotties, and a bunch of dude-looking notties.  At Princeton a  rugby match where everybody gets screaming drunk and spits on each other.   But if you went to Oregon State you got to see a bunch of stoned hippies play frisbee while free-balling it.

In the world of intercollegiate Ultimate Frisbee, it’s totally not cool to go walking around without pants.   That’s what a student board that governs club sports at the University of Oregon said when it ended a highly-ranked team’s season after five players shed their pants and underwear April 11 during sectional play.  The squad had already been on double secret probation since November for serving alcohol to minors and for throwing a loud ass party to end last season, resulting in fines, citations and academic suspensions. Now the team, known as EGO (Eugene Gentlemen’s Organization) is bitching  “We put on the longest shirts we had goddamn it,” pleaded player Kevin Minderhout. “We have some jerseys that are pretty long but not long enough so we’re sorry our goddamn balls were hanging out” (

During the April 11 incident, one team went without shirts and five on the other side free-balled it.  Someone bitched abot it and  The club sports executive committe held a hearing Monday.   Team members didn’t do themselves any favors by saying there was nothing wrong with playing without pants.  What’s the big deal about wearing pants?  If those guys want to pick up hot chicks that way then killer, bring them back to the house and party.  They paid their tuition and their showing school officials that a bunch of naked stoners can play Division I frisbee.  Pipe down people.  Let the kids play naked, as long as they bring the chicks. 


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